I Have Too Much Vaginal Wetness During Intercourse. Can You Suggest Some Remedies To Lessen The Wetness?

One truth that you should be aware of is that vaginal wetness and discharge during intercourse is normal in women. However an excessive discharge can be quite uncomfortable and embarrassing. One of the best home remedies for excessive vaginal wetness is consuming a decoction of water and fenugreek seeds. 2-3 teaspoons of fenugreek seeds should be boiled in a liter of water for at least half an hour before the water is strained and consumed. A paste of mango pulp can also be directly applied on the vagina to treat this problem.

Another one of the effective vaginal discharge remedies is rice water. Rice water along with a teaspoon of sugar can be had everyday for treating excess vaginal discharge. A decoction of water and fresh ladyfingers can also be used as a natural home remedy for excessive vaginal wetness. 200 grams of ladyfingers should be boiled in a liter of water till the quantity reduces to half. Sugar can be added for taste and 70ml of this decoction should be had once every 3 hours for curing this problem. One of the other beneficial natural vaginal discharge remedies is chewing betel nut after every meal. This remedy is said to provide effective relief from constant vaginal wetness.

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What are the main causes of excessive vaginal discharge?

Most women like you want to pin point the exact causes of excessive vaginal discharge. There are a number of different causes of excessive vaginal discharge. As far as the symptoms of vaginal discharge go, the most obvious one is of course the abnormal leakage of a liquid substance that may vary in consistency, smell and color. The causes of excessive vaginal discharge can be identified when researching the type of vaginal discharge in more detail. For instance, a whitish vaginal discharge is a very common sight at the beginning of a menstrual cycle and is an indication that you are ovulating.

However, due to some infection this discharge could be of a different color or odor. This could result from the intake of certain medication or some sexually transmitted disease or even infection of the urinary tract. Medically speaking, abnormal vaginal discharge can be classified into three main types- bacterial vaginosis, which is caused by a bacteria; Candidiasis – which is primarily a yeast infection and can be the result of antibiotics as well as conditions like diabetes; and trichomoniasis. This is primarily an infection of the organ known as the trichomonas vaginalis and may not show up any symptoms in the affected individual for long periods of time.

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Are there any natural cures for treating excessive vaginal wetness?

Excessive vaginal discharge could sometimes put you in very embarrassing situations. Before determining the cures for vaginal discharge, it is important to determine if you are suffering from any kind of infection in the area. The color, smell and texture of the vaginal discharge can help determine what infection it is and to what degree the infection has spread. If the discharge is yellow, acrid and pungent then treatment is very important.

Vaginal discharge treatment can be very simple and easy. There are a number of medicines that can be prescribed for these infections. Medicines include antibiotics and anti fungal creams. These medicines can be had orally or applied topically. Hygiene and diet also play an important role in stemming the discharge. Eating the right foods like citrus fruits, garlic, onions, cranberries, yogurt, cinnamon and other vegetables can help reduce the discharge. Eating foods like bread and other rich carbohydrates, mushrooms and red meat could aggravate the discharge and the infection. It is also necessary to drink adequate amount of water throughout the day as this will help in keeping infection away. It is necessary that you mention your condition to the doctor so as to get proper treatment from the start.

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Is there any way to get rid of vaginal discharge during sexual intercourse?

Vaginal discharge is fairly common in women and can be of different types. At times vaginal discharge can be affected by different conditions and illnesses causing an infection that can be very bothersome. Most women will want to get rid of vaginal discharge because of the discomfort it is known to cause. If you are experiencing heavy vaginal discharge during sex, it is highly recommended that you approach a licensed doctor to have some medical tests carried out in order to identify the root cause of the problem.

While a certain amount of thick white discharge is normal during sexual intercourse and aids the lubrication of the vagina, it should not be of an excessive nature. There is always the chance that the normal occurrences of vaginal contractions being the cause of the excessive vaginal discharge, but there is also the chance that the excessive secretions may be the result of an infection of some sort. There are many different ways of getting rid of vaginal discharge, but in order to do so effectively, it is important to make sure that you understand and identify the root cause of the problem.

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Excess vaginal wetness is caused by excess extrogen type of hormones. To balance the hormone situation you can take a natural approach as follows. After bath, apply natural progesterone cream (those made from wild yam) in the morning and leave it entire day. Ayurvedic equivalent is phal ghrut if you can get it from online pharmacies.

Reduce soft carbohydrates, refined sugar, candies, dairy and industrial meat from your diet.

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