How to prevent cold sores outbreak?

Be it HSV infections as in this case, or fungal infections, the recurrence is generally caused by insulin resistance brought in by steroidal medication, excess soft carbs in diet and other toxins in food. Immunosuppressant is the root cause.

Boost immune system by reducing soft carbs, refined sugars, processed foods and meat, dairy.

Take lemon drink 3 times a day. You can make lemon drink by squeezing in 1 lemon juice into 1 glass water, add 2 pinches sea salt, 2 pinches turmeric powder, 2 pinches ginger powder.

Soak 1 tsp fenugreek seeds in 1 cup water overnight and drink only soaked water next morning empty stomach.

You may apply paste made by mixing milk or milk cream mixed with turmeric powder, twice or thrice a day. Instead of milk, you can also take a mixture of honey and lemon juice. Honey and turmeric are good anti-biotics, antifungal, antiviral home remedies.

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I get a lot of cold sores and also shingles which is from the same family of herpes, I have found when my immune system is down I always have out breaks, so yes a good diet of fruit veggies and lean meat will help but stress is the worse thing to cope with. Try to tackle problems straight away so they don’t build up on you as your immunity will go down with all that worry.

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