I believe I get cold sores on my hip. I have for years. I previously got them on my lip or nose. I have a friend who get them under his arm? Is this common or real uncommon? Input please.

Information on cold sores

Cold sores can be transmitted sexually or by touch alone. As a rule, they tend to fester and develop in cold, damp and dark areas in your body. While the armpit could fall in this category, it does not seem likely that the hip is a place for cold sores to take root and develop. Perhaps you should look elsewhere to figure out what the sores on your hips are. Sometimes, bedsores occur in such unusual places if you are sleeping in any kind of awkward position. Check to see if this holds true in your case. If not, then your best bet is to get a medical examination to determine what the reason is for your sores, wherever they occur.

As for your friend's sores in the armpit, this is also something that needs medical attention. Do remember that your friend could also be suffering from armpit acne, a condition that is known to afflict people with certain skin types. If this is the case and your friend is taking medicines for cold sores, it is unlikely that the person will get treated or find any kind of relief. Cold sores are generally very common in the genital area and the tongue and mouth.

answered by G R

Cold sores health advice

To begin with, cold sores is a term that is used to refer to the little blisters that appear around the mouth and nose of a person. These are tiny blisters that are an angry red in colour. These can be painful. They can be treated by using a towel dipped in hot water on them repeatedly. If you have been getting sores on your hip, I would suggest a consultation with your doctor. An examination of these boils will help throw light on the nature of these boils and what has triggered their appearance. You have not mentioned if you suffer from any other symptoms. Do you experience pain in the area around the sores? Do they contain pus and do they burst open?

You should take care to ensure that you do not touch any kind of boil. Pinching it or poking it will force it to burst and will only cause you pain. There is also a likelihood that the fluid from the boils will affect people nearby, causing them to experience pain and suffering. For this reason you should wash your hands each time after you touch with your friend. Your food should include plenty of vegetables, all variety of legumes, fish, chicken and even turkey.

answered by G M

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