I have like a white blackhead on my eyelid its yellowish/white and its been there a while, how can I remove it. I try poping it, but the eyelid is sensitive.

A whitehead is a small, oil-filled bump that occurs on any part of your skin. These bumps, also known as closed comedones are neither painful, nor do they pose any health risk. However, they can be quite unsightly and may affect your appearance, if they crop up around the face, especially your eyes. If your try to pop or squeeze a white head on the eyelid, you are likely to experience a considerable amount of pain. Therefore, it is best to get the problem treated by a medical expert. Alternately, you could also try get rid of the white head on your eyelid using simple and natural home remedies.

Causes of White Heads

White heads appear when the hair follicle opening gets blocked with dead skin cells, oil secretions as well as bacteria. Closed comedones look like raised, skin colored bumps on the surface of your skin. Some of the factors that could contribute to the formation of white heads include:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Lack of adequate hygiene
  • Use of certain medication (especially lithium, androgens and corticosteroids)
  • Following a diet that contains high amounts of carbohydrate rich foods
While it is important to keep the skin clean at all times, do remember that excessive scrubbing or the usage of harsh skin cleansing products could worsen the skin problem.

Treatment for White Heads

There is no specific form of treatment that should be followed for white heads on the eyelids. However, it is absolutely essential that you avoid squeezing or popping these bumps. This could lead to a severe eye injury and at the same time, may cause the infection to worsen and spread.

Fortunately, there are a few simple self-care measures that could help you reduce the white heads on your eyelid:

  • Wash your face properly, at least twice a day, using a mild and gentle cleanser. Do not scrub your skin, as it could lead to irritation and worsening of the condition.
  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with warm water andscrub the affected area gently with this paste. Leave the paste on for a few minutes, before rinsing it off with some warm water.
  • Steam your face for about 10 to 15 minutes, so that all the pores on your skin open up. Place a stainless steel comedone remover over the white head and press it gently. Once the white head is out, dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the area.
These steps are mostly effective but may take a while to work. You should notice a difference in about 6 to 8 weeks. However, do consult a dermatologist if the white heads last for longer even after you have used a home remedy.


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Avoid squeezing and meddling them, as they are contagious. Undiluted lime juice, applied thrice a day proves beneficial. Facial steaming aids in opening up of pores. Application of a warm compress on the area is helpful. Fenugreek leaves paste application for 15 minutes helps in blackhead prevention.

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