Home remedies for droopy eyelid

You have not given sufficient details to make an accurate diagnosis. Droopy eyelids could be caused if you have strained your eyes. If you have been working long hours, then it is possible that your eyelid droop. You have not mentioned if you suffer from this condition in both the eyes or just one eye.

From your description, it sounds as if you are suffering from a condition known as ptosis. People who suffer from this condition notice that their eyelid droops over the eyelid. This often gives them the look of being sleepy. Ptosis can either be inherited or can develop over the years.  You have not mentioned if you suffer form other symptoms like fever, extreme fatigue or notice that your eye is bulging. It is advisable that you visit your doctor who will be able to give you an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

Ptosis can be caused by a variety of reasons. Disease, some injury that you may have suffered, a defect from birth or even old age. People who have undergone a previous surgery of the eye also develop Ptosis. What happens is that the muscle which controls the action of opening the eye becomes weak and therefore begins to droop. Ptosis can affect just one eye while other people find that both their eyes are affected by this condition. When this condition occurs from birth doctors can use correctional procedures to help the eyelid open.

answered by G M

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