I have a pain in my spine at the bra line and tight feeling in my diaphragm, as if it is a thick chord. Could it be a neurological problem?

The problem you have described would not really be classified as a neurological one at first glance. It is more of a physical problem than anything else like a backache of some kind. However, it is better to see your regular family doctor and get this examined for a complete and accurate diagnosis. In the mean time, it is better to try and isolate if the problem could be physical and connected to your body as opposed to what lies inside. For starters, it is advisable to try and avoid wearing a bra for a few days. Sometimes, a tight and unsuitable bra can also cause a lot of problems. It is also significant to note that a problem could be a result of this and would not go away within a day or two.  Since you have been wearing a bra for a while, it will take at least a few weeks for the problem to recede. Sometimes, the body gets used to the restrictions posed by a constricting form of clothing such as a bra and you could be feeling this way due to that too. You should also check and see if you are wearing the correct size of bra in order to determine if this is a problem. Sometimes women who wear bras that are too small can also have these problems. If possible, you should get yourself professionally fitted for a bra once more. Sometimes, a change in the height or body can also signal a change in bra size. This is not commonly noticed, but it can make a significant difference.

It is also possible that you may have injured yourself somewhere without realizing it. This is also a fairly common occurrence and something we don’t really pay close attention to. Sometimes, a simple thing like picking up something heavy can also cause the “thick cord” feeling around the midriff. The best way to deal with this, if this is what has happened, is to rest. It is never possible to tell what part of the body has been injured and how exactly it is affected. The pain or discomfort cannot reveal the exact nature of the injury, so it is best to stay off your feet. Keep in mind that everyday activities such as walking, bending and even something as basic as changing sides can impact and aggravate such types of injuries. Rest and apply warm compresses to soothe the discomfort and you should be fine in a week or so.

answered by G M

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