How do I get rid of a black eye quickly

Dealing with a black eye can be very embarrassing and also difficult to hide especially if one is working, a student or even when in front of family and relatives. Black eye usually is a result of a sharp blow or a bruise on the eye or the area around it. It can happen due to a small college brawl, a serious injury or even a friendly boxing match. A few people may get black and blue marks easily on the skin even with a slight injury. It can usually be a sign of vitamin C deficiency. Deficiency of vitamin C weakens the blood capillaries and therefore even a small injury can cause the capillaries to rupture and clot under the skin. This results in the formation of black and blue marks. These marks are nothing but clotted blood under the skin. Usually these marks heal naturally and easily with time. One might also see some swelling which might also disappear naturally as it is the natural mechanism of the body to protect the damaged tissues. The healing of the marks and the swelling can be quickened with the help of several home remedies.

Cold and heat both could be very effective in reducing the swelling as well as reducing the black and blue discoloration of the eye. Cold helps in dispersing the clotted blood under the surface of skin thus reducing the discoloration as well as the swelling. Heat improves the blood circulation thus removing the blood clots which cause the black and blue color and also reduces the swelling. Use ice packs or frozen vegetables to apply on the affected area. One can also make a homemade ice pack by mixing 2 parts water and a part of alcohol in a nylon bag and freezing it. The frozen nylon bag can then be used as an ice pack. To use hot water, take and clean cotton ball and dip it in hot water. Use it to apply hot water on the eye.

Mix 1 part of cayenne pepper with 5 parts of Vaseline and apply it on the affected area. Increase the intake of vitamin C in your diet. A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamin C. Papaya, pineapples, broccoli, mangoes and oranges are some examples of foods rich in vitamin C. One must consult a doctor if the swelling persists. Also if one experiences trouble with vision such as impaired vision, double or blurred vision, pain in the eye and even things seen floating through field vision, then one must not rely on home remedies but should consult a doctor immediately.

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