Had black eye four months ago and still shows black around eye. what can i do?

Natural Remedies for Black Eye

When you feel your eyes going black, immediately apply a cold compress. This will help in relieving the inflammation of the eye. You can try applying an ice pack, frozen vegetables or cold can of soda.

But since you say that you are experiencing black spots in your eyes from the past four months, ice pack has nothing to do in your case. You can apply ice pack to keep your eyes relaxed. You can try a poultice made of salt and lard or vegetable shortenings. Spread this poultice on a clean piece of cloth and place it over the infected eye. Combination of salt and lard can help you eliminate bruised cells present around your eyes. Take precautions to inhibit the flow of salt lard in your eyes.

You can also try placing a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel on your bruised eyes. This will help in reducing pain and inflammation. Poultice of red potato and potassium chloride is also effective for curing black eyes. Place poultice of red potato or grated potato on your infected eye.

Since you have this blackness in your eyes from the past four months, you may consult an eye specialist to special consideration and cure.

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