How can I get rid of a black eye or reduce the swelling or coloration?

Naturally cure your black eye with these simple home remedies –

  • Apply cold compress on the eyes. Take ice in a plastic bag and gently place it on the black eye without putting any pressure on the eyeball. This will help to decrease the swelling and also relieve the pain by constricting the internal blood vessels.
  • Apply cold tea bags on the eye. The tannins in tea will help to speed healing.
  • Rest and avoid any kind of facial stress/pressure, even blowing your nose too hard in that case.
  • After 2 days apply moist warm compress to the eye for better blood circulation.
  • Rub caster oil slowly on the black eye to decrease the swelling.

Have patience as it would at least take a week for the black eye to heal completely. 
If the pain is severe and your vision is at stake then consult a specialist for immediate medical assistance.  

answered by S P

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