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Please I just want to know the harmful effects on the liver (hepatitis) in taking sugarcane or tomato.

Hepatitis of the liver is called as hepatitis A. This is a disease of the liver. The liver gets infected by a virus and this causes inflammation of the liver. This disease is caused by the hepatitis A virus.  Unlike other hepatitis viruses such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C, hepatitis A does not lead to a chronic disease. The liver may become swollen and inflamed but it does not cause any long term damage to the liver. In most cases the liver heals completely without any signs of damage. If you suffer from this disease once, you are immune to the disease the rest of your life. The virus of this disease is usually found in the feces of the person infected by it. Drinking water or food which has come in contact with the feces, can lead to contracting this disease. Food or water can come in contact with this virus due to reasons such as not washing hands properly. It can also happen due to eating shellfish or fish which has been collected from water infected by this virus.

The symptoms of hepatitis A can show within 2 to 6 weeks of getting infected by the virus. The symptoms of this disease are not too severe and go away pretty soon. Some of the common symptoms of hepatitis A are vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, low-grade fever, rash, tiredness, fatigue and pain in area of the liver, just below the rib cage at the right side of the abdomen. Some of the other peculiar symptoms of this disease are jaundice which causes yellow discoloration of skin and whites of the eyes and the color of the urine turns dark brown.

One of the popular home remedies for hepatitis A is milk thistle. It improves liver health. Licorice is also said to be helpful in treating this disease. But most important of all one must take care of the diet. Have steamed vegetables and drink vegetable juices. Eat fresh fruits. Sugarcane and tomatoes won’t do any harm. Drink plenty of water. Avoid alcohol. Do not eat hot and spicy food. Heat food and water at a temperature of 85 degree C or 185 degree F. Wash hands with a soap every time after using the bathroom, before having eating anything and even before touching others. Clean the contaminated surfaces with a household bleach to kill the virus. Do not eat raw or undercooked food or even fish and shell fish from questionable sources.

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