What Are The Changes In Body System Of A Girl Due To Jaundice?

Jaundice is not a disease in itself but rather a symptom of liver problems. Hepatitis A is a relatively mild viral infection of the liver that generally goes undetected and often causes jaundice. Both men and women suffer from the same primary symptoms, namely a loss of appetite, fatigue and fever. After a few days, loose motions nausea, vomiting and jaundice set in. Women often experience delayed menstrual cycles and/or stomach cramps.

When your liver is infected or damaged, it cannot carry out its normal functions. One of the important functions of the liver is to process bilirubin to create bile. As the liver is unable to handle the conversion, the bilirubin levels in the blood escalate. This fluid is yellow in color and it tends to stain the skin and whites of the eyes.

For someone suffering from jaundice caused by a Hepatitis A infection, recovery can generally be expected to take up to two months. The recovery period itself lasts about 6 weeks and the best treatment is bed rest and a fruit diet. This condition severely weakens the immune system and leaves the individual exhausted and with a severely weakened immune system. Anyone afflicted with jaundice is therefore vulnerable to a host of other infections, for which reason rest is vital. Over exertion from physical activity can have serious consequences. Foods like meat and poultry products must be avoided. It is advisable to have a diet that consists of raw fruits and vegetables as they have a high fiber content and aid digestion. Fruit juices and milk shakes are a good choice as they will not only hydrate your system, but also provide you with much needed nutrition. Avoid all fried and spicy foods as they will place an additional strain on your liver. Other foods that are not harmful like cereals and legumes can also be introduced into the diet gradually. The effects of jaundice go even beyond the recovery period, so it is important that you pay particular attention to this aspect of your life even after the recovery period. Try to eat only home cooked meals as the hygiene standards at most public kitchens is suspect. People suffering from hepatitis A often complain of a foul taste and a mixed vegetable broth will help to neutralize the bitter taste. It is necessary to avoid all alcoholic beverages for at least 6 months after the attack. Milk thistle is a very potent herb that is often used alongside allopathic treatment.

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