My wife is two months pregnant and is infected with Hepatitis B. Suggest what to do.

There are a variety of disorders that affect the liver. These basically prevent the liver form functioning in its usual manner. So, diseases that cause the liver to stop functioning are liver diseases.

Hepatitis B is one of these disorders. It is actually a serious disorder. And if Hepatitis B is not treated properly it can even cause dangerous cirrhosis. This could lead to a permanent damage to the liver and for this reason it should be treated at the earliest. If your wife is pregnant and she is suffering from Hepatitis B, then you should immediately start some treatment. You should consult your doctor since your wife's condition is delicate. One of the most obvious symptoms of Hepatitis B is that of Jaundice. This causes the body to turn yellow and affects the functioning of the liver. Your wife must also be losing weight rapidly and experiencing nausea, another symptom of this condition.

The most effective way of treating this disorder of the liver is by ensuring that the liver is not overworked. For this you will have to ensure that your wife eats healthy and she eats right. She should not be allowed to consume alcohol or even smoke. She should be prohibited from eating food items that have been prepared using a lot of oil and spices. Both these things are not good for her and her health could be affected if she eats food of this kind. Instead she should be encouraged to eat simple food. Vegetable soups are prefect for people suffering from Hepatitis B. She should completely stop eating meat and cheese. Products that use white flour, sugar and cheese should also be avoided. Your wife should also stay away from chocolates and coffee. While she can drink plenty of buttermilk since this will help cure her condition, she should stay away from milk. She should, however, avoid adding excess salt to her food. While fruits are generally considered good for people, she should check before she begins eating fruit. While she can eat oranges, she should stay way from mangoes, bananas, apple and grapes. She should stay away from fried snacks like chips and other such oily foods. Although exercise is generally considered good, your wife cannot be allowed to exercise. She should take plenty of rest and ensure that she get at least eight hours of sleep every night. Her intake of water and fruit juices should be increased.

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