I have to big bright swelling lumps on my toes and they are itchy and sore to touch I don't know what it is if any one good give me some advice on what it is and how to get rid of it I would be very grateful

The information you have provided is not very specific; a lump on the toe could be caused by a number of reasons such as an infection, sebaceous cyst, varicose vein, malignancy, skin cancer, fracture, haematoma, ganglion, callus formation, scar tissue, ruptured Achilles heel, lymphadenopathy, or it could also be a simple toe injury. However, your symptoms sound a lot like a blister.

If this swelling you have has a little watery fluid inside it, then it quite certainly is a blister. Most blisters are caused due to friction. Your body responds to this friction by producing a fluid. This fluid builds up under the part of the skin being rubbed, leading to pressure and pain. Blisters usually just need their time to heal. All you can do is ensure that you keep it dry and clean and cover it with a bandage in order to prevent infection. While the blister heals avoid putting any pressure on it or rubbing the area. Blisters are a common problem when you wear a new pair of shoes. You could also get a blister if you were recently involved in any activity that required you to move around a lot such as a marathon, trekking or dancing, as you tend to put a lot of pressure on your feet and toes in activities such as these. You could also get a blister if you have any kind of fungal infection on your skin or if you sweat excessively.

You could prevent a blister by wearing shoes that fit properly. Avoid wearing wet or damp shoes or socks as this increases your chances of getting blisters. Keep your feet as dry as possible, perhaps using foot powder to keep them dry. Most of the time, blisters heal naturally and don’t require any special attention. The body reabsorbs the fluid and the blister dries and peels off. The skin or scab that forms on top of the blisters provides a natural defense against any infection. Resist the temptation to pierce a blister with a needle and instead allow it to heal naturally. You could also cover the blister with a dressing or gauze. If the blister is painful then cover the area with a soft dressing and change it regularly. Once it bursts avoid peeling the skin and cover the exposed skin with a dressing. Finally, if this doesn’t help and you notice it is getting infected, it is advisable to visit your doctor to get antibiotics prescribed.

answered by M W

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