I always feel bloated. How do I stop bloating after eating

While there are very few other feelings that come close to the absolute nirvana of just having satiated an intense hunger, some people may end up feeling rather bloated and over – fed. This not only tends to be rather uncomfortable, it also makes a person feel extremely drowsy and slows down the individuals reaction times. Some people, no matter how little they eat, will end up feeling bloated after a meal. There are a number of factors that could cause this and most of them could be easily attributed to a person’s lifestyle, dietary or eating habits.  Swallowing too much air while eating or drinking some fluids is one of the most common factors leading to a feeling of being ‘bloated’ at the end of a meal. Any excess air that is swallowed is passed out of the body via a belch or gas or even return to the stomach where it will cause the ‘bloating’.

Certain habits that increase the intake of air include eating very quickly, drinking through a straw, gulping down beverages, smoking or even wearing ill-fitting dentures. If you are used to chewing on sugarless gum that contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol and sorbitol, it might help you to know that they tend to increase bloating. Not many people are aware of the fact that being nervous could also lead an individual to feeling bloated. This is mainly because the stress hormones increase and cause the stomach and colon to go into spasms, rather than contracting normally. Stress is also known to encourage junk food binges – which will lead to even further bloating. Consumption of certain types of foods may play a prominent role in the development of bloating as certain foods like broccoli, Brussels’ sprouts or lentils are all known to produce gas. You may also want to check the side effects for any prescription medication you may be on as some of them are known to cause bloating.

If you have suffered from excessive gas within your system over a long period of time, it may be ideal to give your digestive system a break and incorporate more raw vegetables and salads into your daily meals. The roughage will aid in the processing and digesting of the food. Increasing your intake of fluids and water will help flush out toxins from the body and are very beneficial. To ease the bloating, you could also purchase some charcoal capsules from your local medical store and consume them.

answered by G M

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