Remedies for Blemishes for Underarms & Bikini Area

Today, society puts an increasingly heavy emphasis on the appearance of an individual. Thus, causing more and more people to identify the slightest of imperfections on their faces and other parts of their bodies that would not have even been worthy of a second glance in previous decades. The fact that every department or cosmetic store that you walk into, anywhere in the world, will be completely stocked with lotions and creams that promise to make you look more beautiful and fairer in unbelievably short time spans, puts even more pressure on those individuals that are happy with the looks they have. The easy availability of unnatural methods to help "weed out" these imperfections, like cosmetic surgery, have also convinced a number of people looking great is a priority - no matter what the cost. The blemishes that most people identify to be a problem are usually marks left behind on the skin by boils, pimples, acne or even itches or simple scratching that had occurred on the affected areas. Some blemishes are darker than others and are near impossible to hide with the help of simple makeup. Blemishes such as port-wine stains are discolorations of the skin that a person may even have been born with, while the blemishes that occur as a result of acne, pimples or other skin irritations will be a result of the skins reaction to toiletries and cosmetics.

Some of the foremost home remedies to help reduce the prominence of blemishes on the skin include creating a homemade pack by taking two spoonfuls of gram flour and adding a pinch of turmeric, a few drops of lemon juice and create a paste with a spoonful of curd. Apply this pack to your face and affected areas on a regular basis for best results. The turmeric content of this pack is known to help reduce the prominence of the blemishes significantly. If the blemishes on your skin are extremely dark, you should make a powder of dry lemon and orange peels and store it in a dry location. When required, take some of the powder and add some rose water and curd water to it and apply it over the affected areas. Orange abstracts are also known to be extremely beneficial for the skin and helping in the reduction of the prominence of the blemishes. Try drying out some orange peels in the sun and making a powder that, when added to rose water and milk cream will significantly reduce the discoloration.

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Blemishes are tiny spots or discoloration that flaws the natural appearance of the skin. The weather, excessively oily skin or clogged pores can also cause skin blemishes. The underarms and bikini area are prone to blemishes either due to the use of skin products or hair removing agents such as wax, razors or hair removers. Blemishes are caused due to waxing when wax along with dirt or grime gets trapped in skin pores causing clogged pores. Such a clogged pore results in a pimple, blackhead or whiteheads. It is important to ensure a clean and dry skin surface before waxing to avoid skin blemishes.

Ultraviolet radiations or exposure to the sun can also cause blemishes on sensitive areas. Deodorants can react with sweat and lead to rashes or blemishes. Tight fitting clothes, excessive sweating and chemicals in skin products used can lead to blemishes. Using razors to shave hair can also result in damaging skin texture if you do not follow proper shaving techniques. Haphazard shaving can trap ingrown hairs in the hair follicles leading to razor bumps. It is important to understand what is causing the skin blemishes and consequently avoid using such products or techniques.

Home remedies are best suited for banishing blemishes. Some common natural remedies are: applying a paste made of finely ground almonds and yoghurt. The granular mixture applied evenly on blemishes will help cleanse and exfoliate the skin to make it appear brighter. This simple treatment also delays the onset of wrinkles and keeps the skin looking younger. Use natural products like coarsely ground green gram to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This cleanser naturally bleaches the skin with regular use. Blemishes will appear lighter or blend with skin color gradually. Another recommended home remedy to clear blemishes is the juice of raw potatoes. The raw potato juice contains a high content of sulphur, potassium, phosphorus and chlorine. This helps bleach the skin naturally and clear blemishes.

Maintaining adequate diet control and steering away from unhealthy foods can also impact skin health. A healthy body reflects a healthy skin. Appropriate diet and adequate exercise is the key to flawless skin. Cleansing and maintaining adequate hygiene is also crucial to gaining glowing skin. Vitamin B deficiency can cause such blemishes. Intake of Vitamin B containing foods can help resolve pigmentation and blemishes.

General diet tips include consuming healthy foods and avoiding oily or junk food. Merely shifting from refined or processed foods to whole grains helps the digestive system serve better. Give the fruits, vegetables and nuts an edge over sweets, pastries and ice cream to help your skin keep problems at bay. A healthy intake supported by adequate exercise does result in glowing skin.

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Skin symptoms often indicate liver problems, so your diet can help the overall health of your skin and this type of blemish is often reduced by taking Thuja 30C once a day for a week - this is a homeopathic remedy. Remember to drink plenty of water to increase the hydration of the skin to assist it to eliminate its own toxins too.

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Hands, feet, nails and skin are mirrors of health. The symptoms described by you are indicators of Insulin resistance, which in later stage causes cysts in ovaries. Please check up if you have similar blemishes on the skin above ankle bone, elbo joint, backside of neck, above knee joint, skin tags near neck, cheeks, any moles or spots near nos tip. In addition symptoms given in following article can be checked:

Some home remedies for this condition are suggested at

PCOS is a difficult to treat condition, and home remedies become useful only in the beginning, later stages they help as support. herbal treatment, yoga, exercise and breathing techniques(Pranayama), multiprong approach is needed, for worst case.

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