Is there any herbal medicine that could remove blemishes on the face? I learned that if you reached the age of 50, you will have this dark spots on your face and this is normal. Thanks for whatever advice you can give me.

Facial blemishes are a fact of life and almost everyone experiences them from time to time. While these dark spots are rare during your early years, they become common as you reach middle age. The effects of aging and exposure to sunlight, pollution and chemical toxins all play a role in affecting your skin pigmentation. While these blemishes are not serious, they can become an annoyance and an embarrassment. They can however, be treated using many of the products that are available in your kitchen. You can also opt for treatment using many of the over-the-counter medications available for dark spots and blemishes.

Before attempting these remedies, there are a couple of facts that you should be aware of. These home remedies to remove blemishes from your face might not be successful if the spots have been there for a long time.

These home remedies take time and should be used consistently. The first thing you have to do is to avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun. Apply sun screen and wear protective clothing before venturing out into the sun. A wide brimmed hat will help protect your face from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Scrub your face with an exfoliating agent before trying any of these remedies. A gentle exfoliating agent can be made using sugar crystals mixed with olive oil. Rub it on your face till the crystals have dissolved, then rinse your face and dry it.

One of the most effective blemish removers is the oatmeal face mask. To make this, mix 1 serving of oatmeal with ¼ cup of honey. Apply it to the exfoliated skin while avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then rinse. The oatmeal is said to absorb oil and the honey acts as a skin toner.

Another popular remedy involves applying a mixture of lemon juice and rose water to the blemishes. The lemon juice is said to act as an astringent and an anti-bacterial agent. Rinse it off with cold water after 10 minutes.

Onions are reputed to help reduce blemishes along with pimples and other scars. Make an onion puree and apply it to your face keeping well clear of the eyes.

The remarkable curative powers of garlic are said to help clear blemishes. Cut a clove in half and rub it over the blemish. You can also use a band-aid to secure it in place overnight.

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What you are at 50, depends on the care you take at present. There are many a people who gain their beauty after 50.

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