I am 33 years, 82 kgs female,after pregnancy gained weight,no there disease. I tried diet plan for a month no decrease. What should I do

Postnatal weight gain is a very common problem and you will need both a healthy diet as well as regular exercise to remedy this situation. You have not mentioned your height and so it would not be possible to estimate what your weight loss goals should be. However, you should approach this situation with a view to becoming healthier and not just loosing weight. Make changes to your lifestyle to eliminate bad eating habits and incorporating healthy ones. These changes will be good for both you and your child.

Keep a food diary as this will help you to monitor your eating habits. It would be advisable to do this for at least two to three days before you start your diet as this will help you to map out your problem areas. One of the most common causes for rapid weight gain is bingeing. Many people try to eat only 3 large meals in a day and as a result they eat larger meals. However, they soon start to feel hungry and land up snacking. After some time this becomes a part of their daily dietary schedule. Eat at least 6 meals during the day and make sure that you serve yourself smaller portions. Have a high fiber diet that includes plenty of vegetables and fruits as this will ensure that you do not get the urge to snack. Cut down on your intake of fats, especially unhealthy fats like those found in fast food and junk food. Instead you should include more nuts in your diet as these are high in healthy fats. Substitute red meat for white skinless meat as this will ensure that you get your daily protein requirements without piling on the calories. Prepare a salad and keep it refrigerated in a sealed container and whenever you feel the need to snack you can have a small helping of the salad. Do not try to make a lot of changes at once; instead change just one or two aspects of your diet per week. This will allow your daily diet to evolve into a healthy diet with fewer chances of you giving up on it.

You will also need to exercise regularly. If you are not used to exercising, make sure that you start off slowly. Stretching exercises and a few simple basic yoga poses will help your body and muscles get accustomed to the exercise. You can slowly add more exercises to your routine. It is advisable to consult your doctor for a diet and exercise regimen that is best suited to your individual needs.

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