What are foods to stay away from when having a UTI

While a urinary tract infection can resolve naturally it is best to take precautions, as it is just as common for an infection to recur. Antibiotics are generally quite effective against urinary infections, as almost all UTIs are bacterial in nature. A reliance on antibiotics however is unhealthy and can be counterproductive at times. If you suffered from a mild infection then natural methods of treatment would be a lot safer and your diet does have an important role to play. Besides, frequent reliance on antibiotics for mild infections that can be treated at home can cause a bacterial resistance, making infections even harder to treat and a lot more resistant to treatment. In addition, antibiotics don't just destroy healthy bacteria, but also what are termed as 'good bacteria'. Depletion of this natural defense leads to infections like a yeast infection. Studies have shown that the destruction of lactobacilli, a protective bacteria, by antibiotics can lead to an overgrowth of E. coli in the vaginal area. Some studies have also shown a clear increase in the risk of infection among women who were on antibiotic treatment.

Keep in mind however that no one else can make such decisions for you, so it does help to be informed. Weigh out the risks and benefits in each situation and in your circumstances, and accordingly decide on your treatment plan. Make sure that you do not procrastinate however and act promptly with whatever treatment you feel appropriate. Prompt treatment is the key to success here. It is also important that you do not delay treatment as although urinary infections are not a serious health threat in themselves, the infection, which is normally restricted to the bladder can at times spread to the kidneys. This can cause serious complications. If you do choose to go with natural methods of treatment make sure that you follow the recommendations meticulously and consistently, and observe or follow the progress closely. If the treatment does not show any signs of improving the situation within three days, desist from the treatment and seek medical assistance. In most cases however this necessity does not arise.

Here are some natural remedies that could help minimize the risk of re-infection, or fight off an ongoing one. In addition to the remedies try and find out what risk factors apply to you and try and minimize your exposure to such risks.

Cranberry juice is the most effective remedy and is today even recommended by many doctors. This should of course be natural cranberry juice, preferably fresh. Try to avoid juice cocktails that contain a lower concentration of the pure juice. This remedy helps prevent re-infection and also helps treat a prevalent infection. Although it was once thought that its effectiveness was because of its acidity, research has found that a chemical in cranberry juice actually inhibits bacteria from clinging to the bladder wall. Make sure that you're always well hydrated as this will help constantly to flush out bacteria. You can also add half a spoon of baking soda to a cup of water and drink it as this will change the ph balance of your urine.

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