For piles treatment I saw below suggestion in your site to get fast relief

The effects of exposure to heat and cold on the human body are not what we would normally expect. For example when the weather is hot, having a cold bath does not really help you cool down although it produces immediate relief. This is because your body then works to regulate and maintain the normal temperature raising body heat, while having a warm bath would have the opposite effect. In the context of piles the purpose of heat is not connected with body temperature at all, as piles has nothing to do with internal or body heat. The treatment that you’ve mentioned is a valid one as the effect of the warmth here would be to stimulate and improve circulation. This will help facilitate healing. Piles itself is the result of inflammation or swelling of the veins in the anal area because of excessive pressure on them, generally resultant from straining to evacuate the bowels and poor circulation. Keep in mind that the water should not be hot, but warm. This will also be relaxing and provide some much needed relief.

This is of course just one remedy and this treatment alone will not solve the problem of piles although it is very useful. While this treatment actually addresses the immediate condition you also need to follow other remedies that are directed at the cause of piles itself. The most common reason for piles is severe constipation or frequent and chronic constipation. This stems from dietary habits. Other factors that come into play are obesity, chronic diarrhea, pregnancy and even spending too much time on the commode.

The most common and widespread cause being dietary factors and lifestyle habits that lead to constipation and straining, it would be most important that you focus on your diet and routine. Increase your fiber intake and cut down on processed and refined foods. To simplify this just bulk up your diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. This has to be maintained on a long term as piles can be construed as a warning sign for more serious disorders if the causes are not eliminated. If you do not maintain these dietary changes for a long term the problem could recur and worsen, leading to complications like fecal impaction and anal fissures. For immediate purposes, try to maintain a fruit diet or liquid diet with plenty of water and fruit juices. Once the condition resolves switch to a solid diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits. This does not mean that for the rest of your life you should only eat fruits and vegetables. While they should form the bulk of your diet you will be able to continue eating foods like meat and the occasional junk foods, but only in moderation.

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