How about skin peeling from the palm of the hands and fingers? At times they itch. It's very embarassing when using cleaning substances. I have to wear gloves because they get even more irritated.

One of the best home remedies for peeling skin is cucumber. Grated cucumber should be applied on the affected areas for at least 20 minutes. Cucumber contains natural moisturizing properties which help in treating dry skin and can cure peeling problems. Another one of the natural cures for peeling skin is fresh mint juice which can be applied on the affected areas and left to dry overnight. This is a great home remedy for peeling skin and can also be used by people who suffer from eczema and dermatitis. A paste made from sandalwood, honey, turmeric and olive oil is also very effective for curing peeling skin on the palms and fingers. This paste should be applied on the palms and fingers everyday for getting rid of skin peeling. If the skin peeling is a result of sunburn, application of aloe vera can help cure this problem. One of the easily available home remedies for peeling skin is lemon juice. Diluted lemon juice can be applied on the affected parts and the dead skin can be gently scrapped off with a tissue. Lemon juice contains strong astringent properties which are effective in dissolving dead skin therefore making it one of the best cures for peeling skin.

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What are the causes and symptoms of peeling skin?

There are various causes of peeling skin which could range from heavy sweating on account of wearing tight boots or gloves, sunburns, chemical irritation, psoriasis or eczema, burns or even an overdose of vitamin A. In some cases one of the causes of peeling skin may also be on account of the scarlet fever or the peeling skin syndrome which is a highly rare genetic medical condition that results in the constant peeling of the individual’s skin. The symptoms of peeling skin may also be accompanied by some other symptoms and this is mostly if the person is suffering from an underlying medical condition or a disorder. Some of these conditions include issues with the nervous system, digestive tract, immune system, respiratory system or even the integumentary system. These symptoms of peeling skin may include itching, swelling, warmth, inflammation, dryness, blistering, rash, redness, dryness and so on. In some rare cases peeling skin may also be one of the symptoms of toxic shock syndrome especially if one observes other symptoms in the individual such as vomiting, diarrhea, lack of alertness, being in a state of confusion, difficulty in breathing, high fever, swelling of the lymph nodes and so on. In such cases the person should immediately be given professional medical help.

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Moisturize your palms and fingers with petroleum jelly. Do not wash your hands too often. Never touch harsh solvents or detergents with your bare hands. Always wear gloves if you have to use them. Taking a multivitamin will be beneficial.

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