Is cold compress good for toothache?

A toothache is almost always caused due to tooth decay that results from a faulty diet or poor dental hygiene. Some of the main contributors or causes of tooth decay would include the consumption of aerated or carbonated drinks, candy, pastries, sugar rich foods, and refined carbohydrates. In a healthy mouth too there are bacteria present that help in the break down of foods. Sugars from these foods cause decay as the resultant acids cause the enamel to decay on contact with calcium in food.

A toothache almost always causes a sharp shooting pain, or dull constant pain. If not treated appropriately or neglected for too long it can necessitate extraction of the tooth. A toothache can occur all of a sudden without any prior warning. Try to visit a dentist as soon as you can as most natural remedies for dental problems are only temporary solutions or symptomatic. A cold compress will only relieve the pain temporarily but do nothing to eliminate the cause of pain. Failure to get the tooth examined and treated will create more lasting problems that will require even more frequent visits to a dentist as extraction of a tooth can also damage the nerves.

Until you manage to visit a dentist, here are some natural remedies that should help ease the pain:

  • Place some garlic with rock salt on the tooth that is affected to relieve the pain.
  • Chewing some garlic cloves daily can also help reduce the pain and strengthen your teeth.
  • Some studies have indicated that consuming an onion a day can also help prevent tooth decay.
  • Lime is a great source of vitamin C, making it a valuable ingredient for dental health. It can prevent or at least delay the loosening of teeth, tooth decay, dental caries, and gum inflammation or bleeding.
  • Try and rinse your mouth with a wheat grass juice solution as it is believed to help fight tooth decay.
  • Chewing on wheat grass can also help eliminate toxins that accumulate in the gums and it also restricts and controls bacterial growth.
  • Asafetida is another common household ingredient that can be useful in treating a toothache.
  • Clove oil is one of the most valuable natural products for dental care. Cloves have been used to treat dental problems traditionally and clove oil is in fact still an important ingredient in almost all tooth pastes and tooth powders. Its importance can be attributed to its natural antiseptic properties.
  • A mixture of pepper with common salt can also help solve problems like gum inflammation, or toothaches.

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