I have a toothache and pain killer's don't help that much. I tried some of the remedies and it comes right back. Will putting a tea bag on it help? What can I do to numb the pain?

If you are troubled with such a persistent toothache that it simply refuses to go, this is a sign that the problem is greater than a mere pain in the tooth. The first order of the day is a detailed medical examination. This will reveal exactly what the matter is with your tooth. Only a dentist can tell you what the problem is and where exactly it lies. Sometimes, a toothache can also be a manifestation of something else. Perhaps there is a problem your gums or a wisdom tooth that is approaching incorrectly. Only a proper medical examination will be able to confirm what exactly it is. Once a medical examination reveals what the problem is, then you can go about taking care of it appropriately. If there is nothing apart from swelling and pain, then there are easy remedies you can employ to take care of the problem. Cloves and clove oil are undoubtedly the best solution for all kinds of problems associated with teeth. In case you haven't, you must start using them at once. Clove oil can be dabbed on to a tightly wadded cotton ball and this ball can be clamped between your teeth. This will work well. The oil will keep seeping into your tooth and will help to relax your toothache immediately. If you cannot find oil, then you can also clamp a clove between your teeth. This will also work just as well. The oil works faster, while the cloves will take time to release the oil into your teeth.

Tea bags are also an excellent solution for teeth. This is, however, an excellent and effective way to remove pus from teeth if there is the presence of any. When tea bags are placed on the offending tooth, they will provide soothing relief to the tooth. If you have any mucus deposits in your tooth, sometimes, the plug of mucus can simply come out on the teabag. This not only helps to relieve the pain and swelling, it also helps to begin with the healing process quite quickly and effectively. Once the pus is out, the tooth starts to heal from within. Gargling with hot salt water and swishing it around in your mouth will also help to sanitize as well as cleanse your painful tooth. To help with healing your tooth, you can also start drinking a hot glass of milk to which half a teaspoon of turmeric powder has been added each night.

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