Need a rush cure. Had to put out a grass fire today, and I'm allergic to smoldering grass. I feel it in my chest already. How can I prevent laryngitis?

Gargling is what you can think of when the throat is infected. But in case of laryngitis the warm salt water doesn’t reach the vocal box, and the voice of gargling leaves the vocal cords in a more irritated state.

- Instead inhale warm steam from boiling water; this will help in faster recovery by moisturizing your vocal cords.
- Drink warm liquids; include warm water, soups/broths, and herbal teas.
- Boil grated ginger in water with honey, lemon and tea. Drinking this will help to soothe your vocal cords.
- Give some rest to your voice box. Speak minimal, even whispering can cause harm.
- Avoid the allergen, smoking and alcohol completely.

answered by S P

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