This is not the first time I drank wine. But this time when I felt difficulty in breathing and my heart raced rapidly. I also got itchy and rashes on my back. Could it be I allergic to wine?

Several additives are used in the wine manufacturing process. You may not be allergic to alcohol as such, if you have never had a problem with alcohol before, but you may be allergic to any one of these additives:

  • Molds
  • Pesticides
  • Grapes
  • Corn
  • Sulfites
  • Eggs
  • Brewers yeast

If you have previously had an allergy to any of these substances, then that might be your problem. Whatever brand of wine you had the first time that didn't give you a problem, perhaps you could try and stick to that brand alone, if you must drink wine. Ideally you should probably avoid it altogether.

For your allergy symptoms you can try the following natural supplements:

  • Vitamin C is said to have a antihistamine like effect
  • Butterbur and Mangosteen taken in supplement form may also be beneficial
  • Taking an OTC antihistamine may be best if your symptoms are severe
  • Quercetin and CoQ10 are also said to have an antihistamine like effect

For the rashes on your back, you can try the following remedies:

  • Apply a cold compress. Wrap a few cubes of ice in a flannel cloth and apply to the inflamed area
  • Chill some milk in the refrigerator and pour some on to a gauze pad and apply to the itching area
  • Wear loose fitting cotton garments until your itch fades
  • Cut your nails short to avoid hurting yourself when you scratch.

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