I am having sun tan on my arms over a period of 1 year. Please help me to get rid of this tanning.

Sun tans are horrible to deal with, especially when they will just not go away. However, natural remedies do exist that do run to your rescue like the proverbial knight in shining armour. One such remedy is lemon juice. The remedy requires you to rub the juice of lemon all over the areas affected by the sun tan. Once that is done, you must stir aloe juice with some vitamin E that is half the quantity of aloe juice. Mix till the ingredients blend well and then slap it on to the portions of the skin affected by the sun tan. Repeat the procedure for a few days and the tan is sure to fade.

Another remedy worth trying for pesky sun tans is watermelon. You need to cut out slices from the watermelon and then rub the inner portion of these slices onto the skin suffering from the sun tan. The tan will slowly begin to lighten thereafter.

Besides these two remedies, you can use neem water to do away with the sun tan. Prepare some neem water - water in which neem (Azadirachta Indica) leaves are boiled - and wash the skin with it. Another remedy mentions turmeric powder to be used with a milk pack. Mix the turmeric powder with the milk pack and apply it on a regular basis. The sun tan is sure to fade.

A remedy used quite often is calamine lotion. Calamine lotion does help mitigate the effects of a sun tan. You can also use vinegar or apple cider vinegar to deal with sun tan. Remember to apply the lotion and the two types of vinegar daily for better results.

You might also want to try grated cucumber that is mixed with milk. Mix the concoction well and apply it gently all over the skin burnt by the sun tan.

answered by M W

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