Remedies for heart worms for pet

Can anyone help? My dog has heart worms; the medicine I got from the Vet isn’t working. Does anyone know anything else I can try? Please help.

Treating a dog for heart worm is extremely dangerous and extremely expensive - how do you know your dog has heart worm? Are you aware that the heart worm actually makes holes in the creatures heart muscle so that when the worm is destroyed the creature bleeds to death? A vet is the only person who can treat and monitor this problem and that the treatment is such that the dog does not usually recover.

answered by J R M

Heart worms weaken the immune functions in dogs. So it is very important to feed your pets, a healthy diet.

  • Give raw meat, fresh bones, fresh chopped vegetables and don't forget to give him adequate water.
  • Give black walnut hull to your dog, this will help in heart worms.
  • Avoid milk, foods with artificial color and preservative, stale foods and sugar.
  • Spray equal proportions of tea tree oil and lavender oil on your dog's fur to avoid any mosquito bites (primary cause for heart worms).
  • Play with him often and try to keep him stress free as far as possible.

answered by S P

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