Im 25 years, has itching around the anus, dark circles around the eyes, color faded lower lips. Worrying for worms. what is the treatment to get rid of worms. How long does it takes and how to be protective. what is the good diet. Thanks in advance

Crushed lupine seeds when powdered must be eaten daily to combat worms. Refrain from sugar when you are under therapy for worms. Sugar will only aggravate the situation as worms and other parasites tend to become resistant to medications while thriving on sugar. Pare off five garlic pods and slice them finely. Add the fine garlic pieces to a pot containing a glass of milk. Heat this mix thoroughly till it begins to boil and take it off the heat. Cover the vessel and leave it overnight to infuse further. The garlic milk must be consumed on an empty stomach an hour prior to having breakfast. A glass of this blend will begin to take effect almost immediately. Continue this process for the next seven days for effective relief.

Alternately you can begin a long term therapy for a month to rid your body of toxins produced by the parasites. Take a handful of flax seeds and a teaspoon of coves. These should be well ground to a fine powder. Sprinkle this powder on your foods or plainly consume it by the teaspoons daily. at least two teaspoons of this powdered blend must be had daily for a period of thirty days.

All parts of the papaya plant have effective antimicrobial properties. The seeds of the papaya fruit are rich in caricin, known to be a powerful medication for overcoming worms, while carpaine found in the leaves of the papaya plant also destroys intestinal worms. The milky extract from the raw papaya plant is rich in a digestive enzyme known as papain. Juices extracted from any of these, when combined with honey of hot water, are highly effective in combating the worms.

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