Cures for Neck Sprain: Is it good to apply heat to a sprained neck? How long does it typically last?

Is there any way of getting relief from a neck sprain?

To gain neck pain relief one may practice any of the neck pain relief exercises such as the shoulder rotation, neck stretching provided the pain is not severe. Neck sprain pain relief at home can be obtained by applying a cold pack or an ice pack to the concerned area. Ice packs tend to help because they numb the area and also minimize the inflammation. Ideally the ice pack should  be applied in intervals of twenty minutes each. To gain neck sprain relief one may also apply heat by soaking a small towel in some warm water and holding it against the neck. The heat is known to help in stimulating the blood circulation and allow the blood that is rich in nutrients to flow to the neck thereby speeding up the healing process. Another one of the simple neck sprain relief measures that can be taken at home is to gently massage the area which is also known to promote the flow of blood in the concerned area. This helps the sprain heal faster. Massage the neck with some anti-inflammatory cream or gel that would be easily available in the local pharmacy.

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Are there any exercises for a sprained neck?  

Many people are known to hurt or sprain their neck in car accidents, sporting events, sleeping in an awkward position or even a small household fall. One of the common neck sprain exercises is the posterior neck stretch wherein the person is required to sit on a chair allowing their head to drop forward and then placing their right hand on the base of their skull. This position should be held for a few minutes and then the pressure should be reduced. Another one of the effective neck sprain exercises is the neck rotation wherein the person should stand straight and then slowly move their neck to the right side. This movement should be stopped as soon as they experience some pain. Thereafter try and rotate the neck to the left as much as possible and again hold this position for 3-4 minutes. Neck sprain exercises to cure neck sprain also include shoulder rolls. The person stands straight by holding their shoulders as loose as possible. They should then draw their shoulders up in a circular motion and try to make a complete circle with their shoulder. This should be done 15 times for best results from neck sprain.

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What are the causes and symptoms of neck sprains?

A neck sprain is the result of a sudden movement which causes the neck to flex or extend too far. A muscle or ligament sprain in the neck is usually referred to as a neck sprain. Some of the common causes of neck sprain include strain on the shoulder or upper back, a whiplash injury which is very common in car accidents and sports and a blow to the head. These sudden movements can cause a tear or sprain in one of more neck muscles or ligaments which results in a neck sprain. Other than understanding just the causes of neck sprain we also need to consider certain risk factors for a neck sprain such as reckless driving, contact sports, not wearing a seat belt in the car and also weak neck ligaments and muscles. Some of the common neck sprain symptoms an individual may experience include pain in the neck which increases with movement, neck pain on the sides, weakness in the arms or a tingling sensation. Besides these there could also be pain or spasms in the shoulders or shoulder back, pain in the back of the head, sleeping difficulty, sore throat, stiff neck, fatigue, irritability and even pain in the back of the head.

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Heat pads, hot showers and heat lamps can be applied for a sprain. But, the etiology of the sprain is important.

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