How do I not only get rid of razor bumps, but the marks that they leave behind?

Razor bumps are a common occurrence among men as well as women. Razor bumps are a result of improper shaving techniques or blunt blades that need to be pressed against the skin. Razor bumps are often accompanied by scars or bumps which occur when the skin gets bruised. Razor bumps can be easily avoided by following few easy and cautious steps while shaving. There are also several home remedies for scars that you can use to get rid of your blemishes. Here are a few easy shaving tips you could use in order to avoid razor bumps:

Use a triple blade razor. They are not only sharp, but will also provide you with a closer shave. Do not use force while shaving, as this is the main cause of razor cuts. Be gentle and wash the razor after every stroke. This will ensure that the hair stuck to the blade is washed off, thus enabling it to effectively remove additional hair in the next stroke. Change your razor once you feel it has lost it sharpness. You will know when this takes place, as you will have to exert extra force.

If you have rough facial hair, you could wash your face with warm water before starting to shave. This will help open your skin pores, smoothening the process of shaving. A good over the counter shaving cream should be applied before shaving as this will help soften your facial hair, alternately you could use olive oil to achieve the same results.

The most important factor in avoiding razor bumps is time. Take your time while shaving - razing the hair in the direction of the growth. Do not shave in the opposite direction of the hair growth, as this will increase the risk or skin irritation, cuts and bumps. Do not try to rush or hurry, take your time and be careful, as a slight error could leave you with a cut. For scars that are already present due to razor bumps you can apply the following home remedies. These remedies will help you lighten their presence if not get rid of them completely.

Any kind of facial scars can be lightened or reduced by the process of exfoliation. Use the juice of a lemon mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Apply this mixture on your face. Allow it to sit for about five minutes and then using sugar granules or a loofa, rub your face in a circular motion. The movement should be gentle and should remove the lemon – turmeric mixture from your face. Follow this by washing your face with cool water. The lemon being acidic in nature will help lighten your skin tone and the turmeric powder will act as an antiseptic in the process. The sugar granules or loofa will help in providing your skin with a natural face scrub. You can use this method thrice a week to notice visible results.

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