I have horrible very severe tooth pain on my whole right side of my mouth, and no insurance.what should I do? I need something as soon as possible this pain is terrible!

I understand your plight and hope that I can offer you some real help. There are thousands of other Americans like you who desperately need treatment but have no insurance to cover the expensive treatments and medications they need. Thankfully, there is an abundance of home remedies and natural cures, for a variety of conditions. Toothaches can also be treated at home, but dental health issues are a lot harder to remedy at home as compared to the general health concerns. Since you are in severe pain the first thing we need to do is provide some relief, before going any further.

Garlic is among the most effective of all natural remedies for a toothache. You can make a paste with a clove of garlic and some rock salt, and apply it on to the affected tooth. In many cases this treatment has been found to relieve the pain, and in some instances even cure it. This may be because of the antibacterial properties of garlic. This could save you the worry of an expensive visit to the dentist. Chewing on a clove of garlic each morning is also advisable as it can promote healing and strengthen your teeth.

Research indicates that onions possess bactericidal properties that can save you a lot of dental trouble. It is in fact suggested that consuming a raw onion daily can offer protection from a variety of dental disorders. This effect is demonstrated through mastication, and chewing the onion for just three minutes is believed to suffice.

The use of cloves as a natural remedy for toothaches has been long practiced, and highly debated. There is no doubt however that cloves do possess antiseptic properties that significantly reduce the risk of infection. This makes it a useful remedy as the risk of an infection is more significant than many of us consider. Clove oil when applied against a cavity in the decayed tooth can also help relieve that annoying and painful toothache.

Although I sincerely hope that these natural remedies don't just bring you relief but also cure the condition, I must remind you that most natural remedies for toothaches can alleviate the problem or relieve the pain, but may not necessarily work as cures. Moreover, the tooth pain that you are experiencing could be caused by a variety of factors like tooth decay, a cavity, a gum infection, or an abscess to name a few common dental health conditions. From your description I can only decipher that you are experiencing severe pain on the right side stemming from your teeth. An accurate diagnosis that can only be got through a dentist's visit is necessary, as without such a diagnosis no effective treatment can really be provided.

In the absence of an accurate diagnosis, treatment can only be aimed at minimizing the symptoms. If the condition is neglected for a prolonged period and only the painful symptoms are suppressed, it could result in the infection or decay either spreading to other teeth or worsening, necessitating the need for extraction of the tooth. I do understand that it may not be possible for you to visit a dentist presently, but I would strongly advise you not to delay a visit for much longer.

answered by S D

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