After my shower, my legs itch like crazy, what can I do to stop this or soothe the itch.

The most likely cause for the leg itching after your shower is the removal of moisture from your skin with the warm/hot water. A slightly cooler shower may help. Within 5 minutes after your shower, you can re-moisturize your skin with organic oils includingsesame, light olive, Vit. E, etc. or organic moisturizers with a glycerin or coconut/cocoa butter base. Ensure you are getting alot of pure/filtered water and essential fatty acids in your diet.Find a product that feels good to you--since there are many good organic ones available. Essential fatty acids such as those in salmon/fish oils are an important component in keeping cell membranes fluid. They also contribute to keeping skin soft and moist. If your skin itches all over your body, it may mean you need additional liver and gastro-intestinal support.

answered by Dr K B N

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