What Can I Do For Weak Bladder?

A weak bladder or urinary urge incontinence is an awkward and problematic condition that causes a release or passing of urine even before you can make it to the bathroom. The bladder is supported by the muscles of the pelvic floor, which also provide support to the womb and the rectum. A weakening of these muscles or any damage to them can impair the functioning of the pelvic organs. This problem can be suffered by both men and women, and could be caused by a variety of reasons.

The most common implication of a weakened or damaged pelvic floor muscle is a weak bladder. A weak bladder may be caused by a variety of factors like obesity, bladder stones, menopause, pregnancy and childbirth, urinary cancer or prostate enlargement in men. A weak bladder can give rise to all sorts of problems, the most obvious being the social implications, while it can also cause emotional and psychological damage. The victim will have to compromise on many areas of lifestyle that we normally take for granted, such as the lengthe of time we can travel, the kind of clothes that we can wear, and the foods we can eat or drink outside. In addition to the fact that the problem is so troubling it can be embarrassing, having to discuss it with your doctor.

Fortunately there are plenty of remedies for a weak bladder remedy that can offer succor to those afflicted with the condition.

  • It would be advisable that you do consult your doctor as it could be caused as a side effect of some other medication you may be on, or even as a result of post surgery muscle weakness. Diagnosis in such situations can offer a prompt cure.
  • If your condition is brought on by muscle weakness, which is very often the case, some simple light pelvic exercises can help to restore flexibility and strength to the muscles, enabling better control over the weak bladder.
  • Drink adequate water as this keeps the muscles internally hydrated, and will eventually help regain control over the bladder muscles.
  • Marshmallow roots are a useful herbal remedy for a weak bladder. Soak them overnight in water and drink the water the following morning.
  • Avoid or at least restrict your intake of tea and coffee as they irritate bladder balance and can worsen the problem.
  • If your weak bladder is due to an infection of the urinary tract drink grape and cranberry juice can help restore normalcy.
  • Avoid consuming any alcohol.

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