Advice on Foods to Eat to Keep Warm

To start off we need to look at this question two ways.

You may be feeling cold because there is a lack of blood flow to the extremeties such as the legs, arms and hands etc. this lack of circulation can lead to a feeling of being cold or chilled.  The easy way to fix this is to move around and get the blood circulating to the entire body. Another approach to this problem is to take a blood thinner such as apirin or ginko biloba, this will help to thin the blood and increase the blood flow to all parts on the body evento the extremeties.

Now another reason you may feel cold is because of your metbolism and how many calories you are burning at any given time.  The more calories you are burning the more heat your body is producing.  So keeping this in mind you may want to try using thermogenic stimulants, such as cayenne pepper, ephedra, Ginger, caffeine and others.  These thermogenic stimulats will help to increase the amount of calories your body is burning, this will lead to a increase in the amount of heat your body is producing and make you feel warmer. 

Please keep in mind when trying thermogenic stimulants it is important to ask your doctor or pharmacist about them as they may have adverse affects if you are pregnant or if you are taking other drug, or have heart conditions.

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