What is a natural way to help some one fall asleep and stay asleep?

How Can I Treat Insomnia?

Insomnia is basically a medical condition wherein the affected person is unable to sleep for sufficient periods of time or is not able to sleep at all. One of the home cures for insomnia is to drink a cup of warm milk just before going to bed as it is known to be very effective in inducing sleep. Similarly the home treatment for insomnia also includes mixing two teaspoonfuls of honey with some warm water in a glass and then consuming this liquid just before going to sleep at night. As one of the home cures for insomnia, you may also consume a raw onion salad during your dinner. Home treatment for insomnia also includes a reduction in the intake of carbonated drinks, alcohol, tea, smoking as well as coffee. To treat insomnia at home you should also take up various relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga that help relax and de-stress. Another effective home treatment for insomnia is to consume the juice of fenugreek leaves along with some honey on a daily basis just before bed time. One can also get sound sleep by having a hot water shower before going to bed.

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What are the leading causes of insomnia?

Insomnia can be caused by a number of psychological and physical factors and even by temporary events in one's day to day life. Psychologically, anxiety is the leading cause of insomnia in most people. Anxiety could be a result of work, financial matters, family issues or numerous other reasons and can cause sleep disorders like insomnia in many cases. Depression and stress are some of the other psychological causes of insomnia. Physically, the leading cause of insomnia could be decreased levels of melatonin in a person's body. Melatonin is the hormone which helps in controlling sleep and this hormone starts reducing in the body from the age of 60 resulting in insomnia in many individuals. Similarly one of the leading causes of insomnia in women could be hormonal changes which occur during menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and even premenstrual syndrome. Medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma, arthritis, allergies, high blood pressure, Parkinson's disease and hyperthyroidism can also be the leading cause of insomnia in some cases. People with a family history of insomnia and other sleep disorders also have a higher chance of suffering from insomnia themselves. Temporary factors like jet lag, night shifts, medications and overdose of caffeine or alcohol can also result in insomnia.

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Insomnia/lack of sleep is a typical symptom of unhealthy lifestyle. Try these remedies:

  • Try ear plugs to avoid noise disturbance.
  • Slow withdrawal of caffeinated drinks, smoking, junk foods, alcohol and other stimulants, especially after 3 pm is beneficial.
  • A cup of warm milk at bedtime is effective.
  • Lettuce, cereals and banana contains tryptophan (amino acid), which helps the body in its production of melatonin (sleep hormone).
  • A cup of camomile/ lime flower tea proves beneficial.

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