What could be the cause of one having numbness of the fingers especially when you wake up from sleep? Also my joint pains and numbness in ankle, under the sole of my feet.

During sleep, we stay in one posture for a long time which reduces our blood circulation and causes numbness. Your fingers could get numb specifically if your wrist or palm gets pressed in one position for long. This lowers blood circulation to your fingers and when you wake up and move your fingers, the tingling numb sensation gradually subsides as blood circulation gets better.

You could have carpal tunnel syndrome, in which your median nerve gets pressed/ squeezed at the wrist. This nerve runs from the forearm into the hand. If this gets pressed, your fingers and palm can get numb. Painful sensations may indicate other conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common. If you experience numbness of great frequency in your thumb, forefinger and 2nd finger, then it is more likely to be carpal tunnel syndrome otherwise it is just reduction of blood circulation.

Joint pain, ankle pain can happen for a variety of reasons ranging from strain on your joints and ankle to arthritis and osteoporosis.

Pain under sole of one's feet is extremely painful. This is a condition called plantar fascia. However, as Dr. Karen Benton pointed out, it could be due to wearing improper foot support, repetitive foot positions or strenuous exercise

answered by P P

Numbness in an extremety upon waking may be caused by poor circulation or nerve impingement.  Certain sleep positions may cut-off a portion of circulation to arms, legs etc.  Numbness and tingling could be the result of pressure on a nerve.  Certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies can also cause neuropathies.  Joint pains can be caused by a variety of conditions.  Dietary changes to reduce potentially "inflammatory" foods such as wheat, citrus, tomatoes, potatoes, cow's milk, etc. can often reduce joint pain.  Pain on the sole of your foot may be caused by improper foot support, repetitive foot positions, strenuous exercise, etc.  Sometimes rolling a frozen can of juice beneath your foot for 10-15 minutes daily can provide some relief.

Please consult a health care practitioner for any condition which becomes chronic, and interferes with your daily activities. 

answered by Dr K B N

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