Query on numbness in my left hand: Last 1 week I am having little numbness in my left hand back side & two fingers. I am 42 year old healthy man with no history of diabetes or Blood pressure. I am also not over weight & I exercise regularly.

Numbness of the limbs or sensations such as tingling or unexplained pain should never be ignored. While the causes for numbness in hands and fingers are not always serious, it is best to consult with a doctor to rule out any underlying medical condition that may need immediate attention.

Possible causes of numbness in the left hand could be nerve damage, repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome or disease such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis. If you use your hand in the same motion for long periods during the day such as typing on a keyboard or writing, it may cause compression of the nerves and can lead to tingling and numbness. This can soon escalate into pain if not treated in time. If the numbness in your hand spreads to different parts of the body, it may be a sign of a circulatory or neurological problem. A sudden numbness is considered a warning sign of a stroke and requires immediate medical care so get to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, without closer examination by a doctor, it is very difficult to pinpoint and treat the numbness in your hands. When you do visit your doctor, make sure you inform him of when you first noticed the numbness, whether the sensations occur at a particular time or after any specific activity and how long the numbness lasts. If there are any other symptoms that have developed along with the numbness, it’s important to inform your doctor of them as well.

In order to relieve pressure on the nerves and reduce the numbness, you can also try the following remedies:

  • Take an anti-inflammatory drug to help heal the nerves. Magnesium phosphate supplements can also help do this along with sorting out any imbalance in the nervous system that may be causing the numbness.
  • Turmeric or rosemary added to your food or taken in the form of tablets or tinctures is believed to help reduce nerve damage.
  • Use a splint on your wrist to keep the hand in one position and reduce any extra pressure on the nerves. This is especially useful if the cause of the numbness is due to carpal tunnel syndrome. Make sure you take regular breaks throughout the day to reduce stress on your hands.
  • Apply ice to your hands and fingers at least twice a day to relieve pain or inflammation.

answered by M W

Have someone massage your neck and upper spine and see if you can feel the numbness disappearing when this happens, you can also do some work yourself on keeping the neck and upper spine flexible to ensure good flow through all the nerves that feed sensation in the hands. Stretching and pranayama will also help you.

answered by J R M

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