Finger Numbness Advice: I have had numbness in my fingers for over a month now. It has stayed constant with little or no improvement. I have been to a chiropractor 8 times for treatments. What could it be and should I be seeing improvement by now.

Numbness in any part of your body could be caused due to poor or slow blood circulation. If you have visited a chiropractor for such a long time, you should ask him or her what the problem is. By this time, they would have got a clear picture of the source of trouble. You should also visit with a general physician, who may want to run some tests and rule out certain problems. If you have been medically examined and all other possibilities ruled out, chances are that you are suffering from poor or impaired circulation. To take care of this problem, there are several home remedies at your disposal. If you are a smoker, this could be a cause of the problem. You will know if you quit – this will restore sensation to your body within a week.

Numb body parts are sometimes a common sign of the diabetes or anaemia. You should also monitor your food intake and make sure you are eating sufficiently and have no food deficiencies of any kind. Try to work a daily exercise session into your routine. At least 30 minutes of exercise is essential to boost your circulation. If possible, try to stick with aerobic exercise, which is more beneficial than anaerobic exercise.

answered by G R

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