Natural cure for pinworms for child under three?

Pinworms commonly affect children. These worms can live only in the human intestine where they lay eggs. The human host (patient) generally feels an itching sensation around the anal opening early in the morning, as this is when the female worm travels down the intestine and lays its eggs at the anal orifice. Other symptoms include pain in the abdomen, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, bed wetting and nausea. Pinworms travel from one person to another by touch, so children are especially susceptible to them. Thus, one of the basic preventive measures against pinworms is to ensure that children wash their hands and clean their fingernails properly and regularly. Washing the anal region thoroughly with water or cleaning the area gently with a piece of moist cloth can offer temporary relief. Ensure that the patient washes her hand properly with soap every time she touches or scratches her buttocks. This will ensure that the worms do not pass into the body orally from unwashed fingers and thereby multiply all over again.

There are a few simple home bedwetting remedies for treating this condition:

  • The consumption of garlic, either in cooked food or eaten raw in small portions at a time, is one of the most common ways of getting rid of pinworms. If you find the raw garlic too strong for your taste, mix it with some honey and eat this mixture thrice a day for a week. You can also grind garlic add half a pinch of this paste to petroleum jelly and apply this to the anal opening. This kills the eggs of the worms and relieves itching.
  • Coconut is also known to be an affective cure for all kinds of pinworms. A tablespoon of freshly grated coconut followed after three hours by a spoonful of castor oil can be consumed daily after breakfast till the problem persists.
  • Food rich in natural fibers helps keep the intestinal tract clean and cleanses out worms. Therefore you should increase your intake of whole grains and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables can be eaten in the form of salads too as they are great sources of roughage.
  • Carrots are highly effective in expurgating pinworms from the intestine. Eat a bowl of finely grated carrot every morning at breakfast. Make sure you do not have any other food along with the carrot when you eat it. Follow this diet for a few days.

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