is there a natural remedy for pinworms?

The pinworm is a parasitic roundworm that lives in the lower part of the small intestine and the upper part of the colon. Pinworms are relatively harmless, the only effect being itching in the perianal area, where the female pinworm deposits eggs. Pinworm infection is medically known as enterobiasis, and mostly affects children. However, the infection spreads very easily, and therefore treatment is usually given to all the members of the infected child's household.

There are no known home remedies that are effective against pinworm infections. The standard medical treatment is however easily available over the counter, and has lesser side effects. The first dose kills the existing worms, and two or three weeks later, a second dose needs to be taken to kill the worms that have hatched from the eggs. In addition, there are several simple precautions that you can take if your child is suffering from enterobiasis. Wash all bed linen and clothing in hot water, keep the child's fingernails trimmed, and get the child to wash his or her hands regularly. If the itching sensation is particularly severe, get your child to bathe several times a day, or at least clean the perianal area. Make sure that you and your child wash hands carefully after this.

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