How to get rid of nose bleeds?

There are a variety of reasons for the occurrence of nose bleeds. However, no matter what the reason for a nose bleed, what is important is that you should instantly try to stop it. The first thing you should do when you find that your nose starts to bleed is to pinch your nose above the bone. Hold it tight. Now sit on a chair and put your head down between your knees. Hold this position for a few minutes till you feel that the nose bleed has stopped. Under no circumstances should you lean back in your chair when you have a nose bleed. You can also make a ball of clean cotton and push this up your nose. However you should leave one end hanging out so that you can pull it out. If the cotton gets saturated with blood, you should replace it with another. You can also dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a small amount of vinegar. Add some lemon juice to this. Mix this well and hold this close to your nose. You will find that the bleeding stops. You can also chop a piece of raw onion and hold this under your nose. You will find that the fumes of the onion cause the nose bleed to stop since onion acts as a coagulating agent. If you notice that your nose is beginning to bleed, you can try a simple remedy before too much blood starts coming out. You can strike a match, low it out and hold the smoking matchstick to the nostril from where the blood is coming. Allow the smell of the burnt matchstick to go up the nostril. Don't sniff too hard since this will cause the nose to bleed further. Allow the smoky smell to go up your nose. You will find that it stops the nose bleed. You may even have to use a couple of matchsticks but it does work, especially if you are able to try this remedy before your nose starts bleeding profusely.

Another easy remedy is using a brown paper bag. You can tear a small piece of the brown paper bag and place it on your upper lip, just below the nose. You will find that this can cause the bleeding to stop. You can also fill your mouth with ice cubes and hold them against the roof of your mouth. This works well to stop the bleeding. Using a towel filled with ice cubes on the back of your neck can also help stop the nose bleed. An old remedy suggests that you freeze a bunch of keys in the freezer and use these on the back of your neck when you are suffering from a nose bleed. This helps stop the nose from bleeding. However if you suffer from regular nose bleeds, perhaps you should consult a physician. Very often nose bleeds are caused by a deficiency of Vitamin K. You will, however need to consult a doctor about the correct vitamin to take.

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