My ears are popping due to which I get annoyed and they have begin to hurt. How can I stop the popping?

Many a times, people are known to suffer from the problem of popping ears which may be experienced either in the form of a whistling sound, a muffled roar or even a crackling sound. Sometimes the ears popping may be due to a cold whereas some people even experience a problem of ears popping when swallowing. Hence many people are keen on knowing how to stop their ears from popping too much. Sometimes the inability to hear clearly on account of the ears being clogged because of a cold, accumulation of ear wax or even pressure or high altitudes, may adversely affect the ability of the person to communicate. In such cases it is observed that the person may actually try and shout loudly while speaking so as to be able to hear their own voice while communicating.

It has been observed that on the whole, vitamin B complex or even manganese is beneficial in maintaining good ear health. Many a times people who have a problem of popping ears also tend to develop headaches. Hence the first treatment for clogged ears or popping ears is to ensure that there is no accumulation of wax which may be leading to the particular condition. If that is the case then one may clean out the wax from the ears by using an ear wash or ear wash bulbs that are easily available at any drugstore. If the build-up of earwax causing the too much of popping of ears, is unusually high, then, rather than just treating the symptom one may also require to consult the doctor to determine the exact cause of the wax build up. Some people are also known to have their ears popping on a plane or even while running especially at high altitudes. This is because; some people are more sensitive than others to the changes in the air pressure around them. This occurs because the swelling inside the ear canal results in a temporary loss of hearing which may result in a crackling or popping sound in the ears. In such cases, a home remedy for ears popping is to yawn or to simulate a yawn by opening ones jaws wide open and then continuing to stretch it till the ear pops. By popping the ears, one is able to equalize the pressure thereby opening the passageway. Another home remedy for ears popping for no reason is something that is known as the Valsalva Maneuver which is commonly used by scuba divers to equalize the pressure in their ear canals while diving in the water. Those who are practicing this method of popping ears should be very careful because if not practiced correctly then one may actually burst their eardrums. In order to gain relief form a clogged ear and for popping of the ears, one should first squeeze both the nostrils together tightly thereby forming a seal. Then they should draw a normal amount of breath and then in a gentle manner try and blow the air out or exhale from the closed nose. This action is known to be effective towards unclogging of blocked ears and popping them because the air is forced back thereby popping the ears.

One should not try and force the air harder under the impression that it might work even better and faster as it may actually lead to permanent loss of hearing. Another way of how to stop ears from popping is known as the Chi-Gong exercise wherein pressure is applied on the eardrums. This exercise tends to apply pressure on the external portion of the eardrums rather than the internal side. In fact the Chi – Gong exercise is practiced by many people on a daily basis so as to maintain overall good ear health and not just when their ears are popping. In this form of exercise one should place their fingertips behind their head just touching the base of the skull. Thereafter one should keep both hands over the ears on either side of the head in such a manner that the palms cup the ears completely. While doing so one may hear a sound similar to the sound heard when one keeps a seashell against ones ears. Thereafter one should apply some pressure from either side with both hands and then quickly move the hands apart. This will result in the pressure releasing quickly and one should be able to hear a popping sound. Many people are also keen on knowing how olive oil stops popping ears. Olive oil is part of one of the many homeopathic treatments for popping ears. In this treatment one should steep some mullein flowers in olive oil for at least 21 days in a closed container under the hot sun. Thereafter one should strain the oil and remove the flowers. This strained oil should then be applied directly in the ear and the ear should then be packed with some cotton. Similarly some other natural remedies that one may use for popping ears would involve using the rose flower or the iris plant.

To maintain overall good health of one’s ears, one should ensure that one incorporates Vitamin B complex in the daily diet as well as manganese as a deficiency in these vitamins and minerals may result in a impaired healing and a weak immune system. Those who face the problem of ears popping when working out or even because of allergies should drink plenty of fluids such as hot water with some lemon juice and honey or even some herbal tea. This will help in minimizing the buildup of fluids in the ear which may at times result in clogged ears or popping ears and thereby result in pain as well. While drinking this hot liquid one should also try and inhale the steam as this will help in clearing the mucus build up. An old but effective remedy for clogged ears is to gently heat a plate, wrap it in a cloth and then hold this cloth against ones ear allowing the heat to reach the ear thereby soothing and unclogging it.

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Popping or ringing in the ears, a feeling that your ears have been clogged - these are possible side effects of a bad cold. If you have been having this popping for some time you may need to get a physical examination in order to ascertain the reason for this. You may find that you are suffering from some allergies. These allergies could be causing your ear to be clogged and may also cause the popping noise which is irritating you so much. This could also explain the pain that you are suffering from. You can try a simple breathing exercise to stop the popping in your ears. You can close right nostril with your thumb and breathe out through your left nostril. Now breathe in through the left nostril and then use the index finger to close this nostril. Simultaneously move your thumb away form the right nostril and breathe out. Now breathe in and then close the right nostril with your index finger. Breathe out through your left nostril. Do this a few times and you will find that the popping in your ear goes away.

Another easy method is yawning loudly. This helps the blocked ears to open up. You can also try chewing gum since the movement of the jaws helps blocked ears to open up. You should avoid sniffing since this only pulls in the mucous that has built up inside your nose and may even make the pain in your ear worse. You should also ensure that you blow your nose regularly. However, remember that you should always blow out only from one nostril at one time. Blowing hard through both nostrils can cause the ears to become clogged.

You may find that drinking hot fluids helps reduce the build up of the fluids that are causing your pain. You can drink herbal tea or hot water with honey and lemon juice mixed in it. Try to inhale some steam since this also works at reducing the build up of mucous. You can heat a pot of water and add some decongestant to it. This will certainly help reduce your cold and clear your ears and nose. You can also soak a towel in warm water and hold this on the area around your ear. This can work wonders in clearing the clogged ear and relive you of pain too. You can try an old -fashioned but easy and effective remedy. Warm a plate. Now wrap it in a cloth and then hold the ear that is hurting to this plate. The plate should be warm enough for the heat to penetrate the cloth and soothe your ear.

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