Home Remedies for Dry Feet: I am 33 yrs old. I have problem in my feet it is always dry give me a home remedy?

Dry feet are a rather common problem, and are usually quite easy to get rid of. This problem tends to occur if you are in the habit of wearing open footwear, especially if the climate you live in is dry. If this is the case, with your feet almost constantly exposed to the air, they will quite certainly get dry. Unfortunately, many people tend to completely overlook the condition of their feet, and don't try to solve the problem till it gets really bad. If the problem is not addressed, it will worsen, and eventually the skin on your feet will not only be dry, it will also start cracking and peeling. Hopefully, in your case, this has not been happening for too long, and your skin has not started cracking or peeling.

Solving the problem is extremely simple - you only need to moisturize your feet regularly. The important thing however is to do this regularly, which in this case means daily - moisturizing your feet one or two times a week will not be enough. You need to apply a moisturizing lotion every single day, and the best time to do this is just after you have bathed, as your feet are not only clean at this time, but they have also already absorbed a lot of moisture. It is advisable to use a foot scrub when you bathe, so as to thoroughly get rid of the dirt and the dead skin that tends to accumulate. This will leave you with soft, fresh skin on your feet, which will reduce the extent of dryness, and result in your skin absorbing more moisture too. You should apply the moisturizer within a few minutes of leaving the bathroom. Your feet do not need to be actually wet, they simply need to be soft and damp. Apply the moisturizer generously, and if necessary, use a thicker cream or petroleum jelly instead of a lotion. Lotions tend to be thinner, and do not trap moisture as well as thicker creams and petroleum jelly. Therefore, for severe cases of dry skin, moisturizing lotions are usually not adequate.

This should be enough to solve the problem within a week, or at the most two weeks. However, in addition, it may help if you occasionally wear closed footwear, along with socks or stockings. This will prevent the skin of your feet from losing moisture all the time.

answered by G M

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