I have a black complexion and I bleach my skin. I now have black spots on my face. I can't seem to get it off. Please help. Thanks.

Black facial spots can cause one to feel embarrassed and self-conscious. And therefore, your anguish and sense of urgency is understandable. However you have not mentioned how long you have been bleaching your skin. If you have recently started doing this then you should consider the fact that the black spots may be a result of this treatment. In this case the first thing you should do is to immediately suspend using the bleaching cream. You should also consider consulting a dermatologist for an opinion on the reasons behind this.

If you have been bleaching your face for some time and have also been using the same cream, then your spots can be attributed to a variety of other reasons. For example if there has been a sudden change in your life, this could be the reason for the appearance of the dark spots. If you have recently recovered from some illness, or if you have been unduly stressed and busy, then this could be your body's reaction to these conditions.

Sometimes our skin reacts in strange ways to the sun. If, for instance, you have been exposed to the sunlight, these spots could have cropped up as a reaction to this. You should consider using a good sunscreen when you go out in the sun. You can also wear clothes with long sleeves, in order to minimize the exposure to sunlight. Wear large hats to protect your skin. You can also ensure that you carry an umbrella and use this whenever you have to step out into the sun.

Gram flour is a good way to get rid of spots of any kinds. Take a large spoonful of gram flour and mix a pinch of turmeric in it. Add a few drops of milk and mix to form a smooth paste.. This should be applied on your face, your neck and your arms. When left this way for around half an hour, it will dry and harden. You can now use a small amount of water and remove this.

Applying lime juice on your face at bedtime is another remedy that you can definitely try. Aloe Vera juice is another very effective lightener and can help reduce these spots. This can also help make your skin lighter. However you will have to ensure that you use it regularly for some time before you can expect to see any difference in your skin color and texture.

answered by G M

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