Natural Treatments To Get Rid Of Black Spots On Face: I am very frustrated with black spots on my face. I tried many home remedies, herbal medicine, facial cream etc but did not get the desired output. Please help me with some good treatment and give the

A variety of factors affect the complexion of the skin, giving rise to blemishes or black spots on the face and other areas of the body. One of the most common causes of this effect on the pigmentation is the exposure of the skin to the ultra violet rays of the sun. The longer you expose your skin to the sun, the worse the effect and hence, people who spend a lot of time out doors are susceptible to darkened patches on the skin. After being exposed to the sun for long periods of time, the skin is unable to regenerate itself and the melanin in the skin collects in one particular area, causing the dark spot. Aside from this, mosquito bites, blackheads, pimples and acne also leave blemishes on what would otherwise be termed "Perfect Skin". Another common cause is the natural aging process of the skin. This condition is known as "Liver Spots." It must be remembered, however, that unless these spots are painful or irritable, they are harmless and can be cured by a number of naturally occurring remedies. A majority of these remedies tend to work only when made use of on a regular basis.

Whenever going out into the sun, the skin should be protected from ultra violet rays. Using a scarf or carrying an umbrella and using a sunscreen lotion with a high SPF factor are recommended. Reapply the sun screen whenever possible as it wears off easily. Raw potatoes are known for their ability to fade spots and reduce your tan. The potato juice can be applied to the affected skin or potato slices can be placed on the eyes for getting rid of dark circles as well. Lemon juice mixed with milk cream can be applied to the skin. After 5-10 minutes, massage the skin with sugar granules in a circular motion. This lightens the spots, exfoliates dead skin and the overall texture of skin improves due to improved blood circulation. Scrubbing the face with honey and sugar also reduces uneven pigmentation and softens the skin. Massaging the face with almond oil, a mixture of vitamin E oil and Castor oil or Aloe Vera gel before going to bed clears the skin off scars, pimples and spots. Cucumber juice and tomato juice are known to fade away blemishes. Raw papaya pulp helps erase age spots. A face mask prepared with rose water and sandal powder or a mixture of olive oil and vinegar effectively removes spots.

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Black spots can frustrate the best of plans and make you feel terribly self-conscious. You should not lose heart about getting rid of the black spots. You will one day have a clear skin. However, for this you will have to follow some regular steps. This will help you remove the black spots on your face.

First of all you should begin applying lemon juice on your face. This contains bleaching agent and can help reduce the back spots. You can also use a lemon and rub this on your face. This will give your face a shine and make your skin softer. Aloe Vera juice is similarly very effective in removing black spots and helping your skin look very smooth and soft. You can apply the gel of the Aloe Vera on your face. This should be allowed to dry on your face before you wash it off. If this is applied at bedtime and allowed to stay till morning, it works wonders.

A ripe tomato can work wonders on skin that has spots. You will need to extract the pulp and then add some lemon juice. This should be applied on the face and left to dry.

You can make a paste of half a piece of nutmeg. You can add either water or rose water to this. This nutmeg and rose water paste works best when it is applied to your face and left there. Only when it is dried can it be washed with cold water.

You can squeeze the juice of half a lemon into a glass of just boiled milk. Leave this for half and hour and then apply on your face. Allow this to dry while you sleep.

Another paste that works best overnight is made of sandalwood powder mixed with rose water. This should be applied at bedtime and washed off in the morning.

In addition to masks that you can apply on your face, you will also need to regulate your consumption. Your consumption of ready to eat food, and aerated drinks should be reduced. Your consumption of tea and coffee should be reduced. Similarly, your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables should go up. Your consumption of water and other fluids should increase too. Eating fried and spicy food will add to your woes and should therefore be avoided. You will find that drinking Aloe Vera juice every day will help improve your complexion and help reduce the black spots.

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