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My period starts normal but after a day it looks more like water. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

You have not explained clearly what you mean by "it looks like water". Is it the consistency of water, or the color of water? If you are experiencing a normal period of a full 24 hours and the second day, your period starts petering out, then there is nothing abnormal about this. This condition is quite common and happens to a lot of women. Instead of bleeding intensively, they will simply bleed for a day or two and then will continue to sporadically see a drop or two of blood off and on. In a lot of cases, this uncomfortable situation can last for a week or even too sometimes. If this description provided here suits your condition and general state of affairs, then you can be assures that there is nothing to worry about. Each woman has periods differently from others. Sometimes, it is easier to adapt to this change in your body rather than try and worry about it. So you should generally just leave it be. Another good gauge to see if you are having a normal period is if you are having the symptoms of the period. This would be the best way to make a determination.

If you are actually emitting a liquid that is characteristically different from either normal period emissions, or even from the general white discharge that sometimes accompanies period blood, then you need to take a second look. Your best bet at this time is to consult a doctor who can examine you and make an accurate diagnosis as to exactly what the problem is in your case. Once a proper diagnosis is made, you will be in a better position to take care of whatever the problem may be. In order to improve your general health during the time you have a menstrual cycle going on, you can try to follow a strict diet. Increase your intake of fresh green leafy vegetables and try to cut back on consumption of fats and carbohydrates. As it is, imminent periods lead to a disturbance of eating habits. You will find that you crave more of fats and sugars. This will also account for the bloating feeling that a lot of ladies find completely normal while the period is on. While it is certainly not easy, you must try to fight this urge to eat this kind of food. This will only serve to worsen your condition further.

answered by M W

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