I have a wart on my nose. How can I safely remove it?

There are several and easy ways to get rid of warts from all parts of the body. While they may be slightly uncomfortable or mildly painful, they are methods that will work, nevertheless. One of the most commonly touted ones is to dab castor oil to the wart and then apply a piece of duct tape over it. This will ensure that your wart is not allowed to 'breathe' and is thus effectively killed off very successfully. This method may have to be tried for a few days for it to show positive results, however. So if you do end up using it, try to keep at it for about a month or more to see positive results. It is said that the wart will simply fall off if you continue with this method. Another method which is considered to be equally effective as well as successful is to apply a pulp made with plain chalk powder and rose water. While the chalk powder will act towards corroding your wart off the skin, the rose water will help to soothe the skin considerably. Keep in mind that the chalk powder may also cause some element of burning. You can soothe this by applying regular oil to the wart later, if it burns too much.

You should also keep in mind that if you are experiencing too much of discomfort, then it is possible that your skin is not agreeable to this treatment. After a couple of applications, you must make it a point to stop. Otherwise, chances are that you will burn your skin and in all likelihood, the wart will leave a mark behind. This is not something that you will be able to get rid of easily. So you are better off avoiding it altogether. You can also find homeopathic solutions that will help to get rid of the wart. If you can, try to find a general practitioner in your area. If not, you can also find a set of generic medication that you can use. This will be available in stores that sell organic or natural goods. You could also find these kinds of medicines in stores that sell medicinal and nutritional supplements. The only difference in the medication you would find over the counter would be that it will take a really long time to work. Even if you do consult with a doctor, keep in mind that this will take months to show results.

answered by M W

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