Know frequent urination causes

Why do I have to urinate every hour on the hour during the night?

Since you have not mentioned any detail apart from this small one, it becomes difficult to figure out why you must do this. But in any case, you can determine a few factors for yourself. One of the reasons why such frequent urination occurs could be diabetes. So the first thing you need to do is get yourself checked out for the disease. A lot of whether or not you actually have diabetes would depend upon a variety of factors such as your age, heredity and family history. If you are over the age of 50 years and have a family history of some diabetes on either side of the family, then you could very well be tested positive for it. Even if your age is less than that, you could be tested positive for diabetes if you have had a strong family history of the disease. Apart from this most obvious and prominent reason, you should also check to see of you are faced with a bladder problem of some sort. This would also result in you having to urinate so frequently during the night. If this is a recent or infrequent problem, it could also be possible that you are suffering from some sort of a urinary tract infection. Frequent urination can also be a sign of that. But, urinary tract infections are typically also accompanied with other symptoms.

In order to take care of your problem of frequent urination, you should know the reason for it in the first place. Unless you know that, there is no point trying to look for a solution. So try to get a complete physical health check up done as soon as possible. This will automatically answer a few of your questions without any further delay. If you are suffering from any kind of infection, you can take a few measures to right this. One of that you must start increasing your intake of fresh and unflavored yogurt. This will help to fight the infection from inside the body. You should also try to increase your water intake during the day and restrict it towards the evening. It could be something as simple as the fact that you are drinking too much water which is making you go so often at night. If you indeed have a problem which is of a physical rather than an infectious nature with your bladder, then you would need medical help with it.

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