I am 3 months pregnant and I think I have a vaginal bacterial infection what is the safe way to cure it without hurting my unborn child

A vaginal infection is something that most women suffer from, at one point or the other. A vaginal bacterial infection is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans. This is present in our body in some amount. When there is a sudden increase in the amount of bacteria in our body that is when we suffer from an infection.

There are various reasons to explain the occurrence of the infection. If you are on some kind of medication, this infection could be as a result of that. Women who suffer form diabetes, and those are going through menopause are also more likely to suffer from this infection. Pregnancy is one of the primary causes of the occurrence of this infection, so you don't need to worry about this being something very serious. You may have noticed that you experience burning when you pass urine. This is a common symptom of this infection. Other symptoms include a white discharge and itching around the vaginal area. One of the most effective remedies is using yogurt. You can apply yogurt to your vagina. This helps in restoring the balance of the yeast in your body. To ensure that you recover quickly from this infection you can also eat yogurt at regular intervals. Eating garlic also helps in controlling this infection. You should eat at least three cloves of garlic every day. In addition to this eating a balanced and healthy diet will help you recover faster from this infection. Your food should include salads and other fresh vegetables. Fruits too can be eaten. The amount of water that you normally drink should be increased. You can also drink fruit juices and diluted butter milk when you are suffering from the vaginal infection.

Another very effective and painless remedy involves soaking in a warm bath. This can help relieve the itching. You should however, ensure that you dry yourself well after your bath. You can also use a hair drier to ensure that this is done properly. When you are suffering from an infection it is advisable to wash yourself with water after each visit to the bathroom. Stay away from toilet paper since this will only irritate the already tender skin. You should also avoid using highly scented toilet paper and toiletries. You should use warm water to wash yourself and then pat yourself completely dry. Always wear cotton underclothes. Ensure that your body can breathe by wearing loose clothes.

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