Vaginal infection after uterus removal Causes and Treatment: In June I had a full hysterectomy and I find I am discharging still quite a bit.There is also a little odor involved. I did have a bacterial infection in July, and was on antibiotics. Any ideas?

Post operative probability of vaginal infection is high. Vaginal hysterectomy involves the removal of the cervix and uterus. This procedure is done through a cut in the vagina. Presence of cancer, uterine prolapse, uterine bleeding, pelvic problems and urinary continence calls for vaginal hysterectomy. This can be avoided by taking, medications, conservative surgery and radiology procedures. Infection after hysterectomy is commonly seen in lesser percentage. Antibiotics are suggested in such cases. Rarely, the incision is opened again to prevent spreading of infection, thereby curbing it. Symptoms such as foul-smelling vaginal discharge, dizziness, breathing difficulties, urinary problems, bleeding, chills and sweats calls for immediate attention by the physician. Urine infection is also possible. Excessive bleeding and thereby hemorrhage is also seen to occur. Interruption in the circulation to ovaries causes early menopause. The bladder and rectal muscles need some attention. Heavy weights are not to be lifted. Relaxation helps in faster healing. Tampons and vaginal intercourse are abstained from, till complete recovery. Bleeding is controlled by sanitary pads and avoid usage of tampons.

answered by Dr C

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