Chigger Bite Treatment: How To Stop The Itching Of Chigger Bites Or Get Rid Of Them All Together?

If you have the problem of chigger bites, you can adopt several measures to take care of them at home. One of the most highly effective ways of getting rid of chigger bites is to crush a number of plain aspirin tablets and add them to water. This can then be applied topically to the bites. This is one of the fastest ways to ensure that no matter how bad the bites are, you have at least been successful in sanitizing them. This will also arrest the onset of infection, if there is a possibility of any. If your bites have been left around for too long, they could also get infected. It is important to keep in mind that if there is a possible infection you are suffering from, you should show your bites to a doctor at once. This is because you do not want to aggravate the situation, or increase your infection. A very useful substance in the cure and removal of chigger bites is tea tree oil. This is a very strong product, so you would need to exercise extreme caution while using it. You can dab on diluted tea tree oil to your bites. This will help to disinfect as well as begin healing them simultaneously. One way to dilute tea tree oil is to add equal quantities of olive oil to it. If this ratio does not work adversely with you, you can continue using tea tree oil in lesser states of dilution till you reach a stage where you are using undiluted oil. This may take time, however. Using tea tree oil that is of a very high quality would have anti fungal and anti septic properties. This will also remove the redness from the bitten areas of the skin.

You can also use camphor water to take care of the bites. Make your own by crushing a few camphor crystals in water and letting this steep overnight. Apply this to bites for excellent results. You can also apply any mentholated topical cream (commonly used to ease common cold symptoms) to your bites. This is also an excellent way to take care of them. These methods will all help you to get rid of your chigger bites. For relief from the burning and itchiness associated with them, you can make and apply a paste of sandalwood powder and rose water. This will bring relief to your bites. You can also apply calamine lotion to the bitten areas. This will also help you a lot.

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